objects with a backbone in kindness

every dollar one spends says something about their values and the kind of world they support.
at animalia, we support objects that were made with the planet and all of its inhabitants in mind. read how below.

kind to the people

safe working environments & transparent manufacturing

we only source brands that value and take pride in having safe working environments. i was surprised to learn this most often isn't the case--instead workers are mistreated, paid poorly, and forced (literally locked in a room until they finish the garment) to keep working in unkempt buildings. google, "the rana plaza garment factory collapse" to get more info on this. that story is used as a symbol for change in the quickly growing fashion-awareness movement.

if you have any questions on a brand's manufacturing process, just ask.

artisan based brands

brands that were created by people out of passion, craftsmanship, and love. it would've been easier for them to just get a job...in a building...doing stuff...with people...and a boss...a notepad...and soul-sucking florescent lights...but they didn't. they took a risk and instead are doing something they actually like with their time. what a beautiful thing! we need to make sure these passionately designed, kindly made items are here to stay. they are what keeps us imaginative, inspired, and human. 

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ethical & (more) sustainable material production

by supporting small, you're already taking a more sustainable route. less manufacturing-->less waste-->less pollution-->less species dying from depletion of natural resources (etc. etc. etc.).

we also choose brands that source natural and organically grown ingredients. this not only supports small farms that are trying to compete with the today's industrialized farming standards, but it also means the fabrics you're putting on your skin or filtering your coffee with are free of chemicals (meaning so is our water supply). 

low-waste packaging and products

the landfills and ocean trash zones are already big enough. brands are noticing this and taking action. all packaging is either compostable or recyclable (or there's no packaging at all). oh, and make sure to bring your own bag to carry your newly cherished items home with you.

alternatives to single-use

things like: produce bags, glass straws, coffee filters, etc. things that are meant to be used once and thrown away... taken to the trash mountains and the sea creature's tummies.

bulk refill station: bring your own jar and fill up!

currently offering:
laundry detergent
laundry pods
hand soap
dish soap
dishwasher pods
all-purpose cleaner
body lotion
juniper seed face oil
piñon pine body oil
deodorant cream (baking soda free options)
body wash
white rose facial toner
bath salts (choose your own essential oil blend for scent)
toothpaste creams

*all refill products are:
family owned in the usa
cruelty free
manufactured using renewable energy
plant-based ingredients


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kind to the animals

no animals were harmed to make anything in the shop!

plain and simple.

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