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The idea for this shop came from my desire to surround myself with story-filled objects, but as I went looking I instead found mass produced items that all looked the same. They had no character, love, or any kind of life inside. I also learned of the detrimental effects human’s current consumption habits have on the world and how terrible workers, animals, and the planet are treated during the process. I started being uneasy about every purchase knowing i was indirectly supporting actions that i rather wouldn't.

I started wondering where the artisans were. Where are the objects that were made with joy, and freedom, and life? Where are the people who turned down the mechanized operation of today’s world and instead are doing something they like? I knew these craftsmen were out there, their goods just weren’t as accessible. how can they compete with the abundance of cheap, factory-made goods?

this is me trying to do my part in making sure small-batch, passionately-designed, kindly-made items are here to stay.

I don’t want just any vase. I want a vase with a story, a vase that I cherish forever instead of disposing when a newer vase stocks the shelves. i want to look around my house and see beauty. beauty that was created by the skill of another human being and have every object serve as a little reminder. the reminder of a slower life through reconnecting to the goods we buy and the people that create them.

Long story short(er), I’m infuriated by the lies, greed, selfishness and dehumanization of big business and mass-production, and I’m tired of feeling hopeless. There are things we can do, and the first step is becoming aware of the effects that our purchases have, positive or negative, and then choose to support what we feel is right. Simply put, imagine the kind of world you want to live in and think about what you’re doing that doesn’t align with that ideal world then adjust your habits and actions accordingly.

My ideal world looks like this--trash doesn’t cover the land and flood the ocean, farm animals don’t hang from conveyor belts, people don’t have to compete with machines, chemicals don’t drench our food, being kind is the standard, and passion is more common than monotony.

To the makers, doers, and craftsmen, you are the most inspiring. you remind me what it feels like to be human and how beautiful a thing it is to be.

+ short explanation

a shop that provides an outlet for the makers, doers, and craftsmen of the world and helping to support these people who do what they love while inspiring others to do the same.

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280 e. 900 s.
salt lake city